Hear “Dateva” Talk at DatevaTALKS

Hear “Dateva” Talk at DatevaTALKS

What better way to let the world know about Dateva than to hear “Dateva” talk? More precisely DatevaTALKS – the podcast introducing our Co-founders and some of their pasison and thoughts around using health care data.

We have a 4 episode arc for Season 1 – two are live now – with the final 2 parts coming up through October and November. Let us know what you think – Listen and Subscribe.

About the Author

Keith McDonald
Keith is Dateva's Public Engagement & Communications consultant - working with government, education, industry and the arts. He brings a cheeky & playful pop-culture-loving attitude to his life which includes an ongoing passion for Open Government and Open Data. Keith worked for 8 years with the City of Toronto, helping to bring the City's open data website & data catalogue on-line for public use.

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