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We regularly donate our money, our blood and our time.

Why Not Donate Our Data?

Data Donor is a person that understands the value of giving their de-identified & anonymized health data to be used for medical research purposes. He or she donates with the expectation that the privacy and security of their information is protected.

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You are Already Donating your Data, but may not know it

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Donating your data for health research is different and more meaningful

What we do as individuals can affect the future of all of us, the young and the old. Collectively, our data could …

  • Push healthcare toward prevention
  • Aid doctors with early and better diagnoses
  • Provide personalized treatment plans for patients
  • Fuel medical research & lead to ground-braking discoveries in healthcare


Let’s make this future a reality!

Donate your data through VITALx and Support our Data Donor Movement

Who Will Dateva Share your De-identified Data with?

Share with NOT Share with
Research Institutions Insurance Companies
Hospitals Advertising & Marketing Companies
Government-funded Health Organizations, Like Public Health in Canada Social Media Platforms, like Facebook
Pharma Unauthorized 3rd parties


Our commitment to you is that we are going to share your de-identified data only with the organizations and companies doing legitimate medical research towards disease prevention, treatment or drug discovery