Daniel Kraft picture

Daniel Kraft … physician-scientist, inventor and innovator

Daniel is faculty chair for the Medicine and Exponential Medicine program at Singularity University, exploring the impact and potential of rapidly developing technologies as applied to health and medicine. In this interview he talks about the opportunity of becoming a data donor, the benefits of doing that and the regulatory challenges that create fear from those who want to innovate and create platforms for smart data sharing. Watch his video

Silver Lining From A Stroke ...
Dateva's Story

It took Marina’s mom 2 years and a stroke to get a proper diagnoses, an inspiration for Marina to co-found Dateva & push Prevention in Health Care. Read the full story

I Am The CEO of My Own Health ...
Are You?

Book cover of Robin FarmanFarmaian: The Patient as CEO

After 13 years of misdiagnoses, 43 hospitalizations, 6 major surgeries & 3 organs removed, Robin Farmanfarmaian fired all her doctors and replaced them with a brand new team – becoming the CEO of her own health. Read more at her website

Self-made “Citizen Scientist” ...
Takes On Rare Disease

Sharon Terry

Sharon Terry’s love for her kids compelled her to find the gene behind PXE – a rare disorder – and push for researchers to share biological samples and work together. Watch her TED Talk

Leroy Hood … doctor from the future

Lee Hood picture and quote: ''There is an emerging revolution in healthcare that will lead to a kind of medicine with new dimensions - it will be predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory P4 Medicine''

Leroy Hood is a doctor who is not only thinking about the future, he is helping to frame it. Definitely an inspiration and proof of concept for Dateva. It’s all about P4 – predictive, personalized, preventive & possible.

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