Wondering what happens with your Data?

How my Data will be Used?

  • Your data will be de-identified and anonymized first.
  • Then it will be included in data sets we make available on our Data Portal – different researchers from around the world could use for their research.
  • Dateva will be using your de-identified and anonymized in our own research and pooled data analyses.
  • Results of the analyses will be published and made available to governments, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies around the world.
  • They will also be presented to individuals – like you – as personalized insights and predictions.

Where is My Data Going?

  • Your de-identified and anonymized data will be shared with government, healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies around the world in an effort to provide researchers that work on solving the biggest problems in health and medicine with the data they need.
  • We have manual verification processes in place to ensure (the) access to (the) data is controlled, evaluated and verified and provided to the appropriate individual researchers and organizations.

What about Insurance Companies?

  • Currently, we don’t work with insurance companies.
  • If that changes, we will provide you with an option to exclude your data from any data sets that would be accessible to insurance companies.