Shiva Amiri, Datev Co-founder.

We believe that with the right knowledge about the risks and with the appropriate use of technologies to mitigate them, the value of enabling the sharing of health and medical data is incredibly high for research and discovery and we can’t act fast enough. The technology to protect the data is there, the expertise is there and the security frameworks are there. – Dr. Shiva Amiri, Dateva Co-founder

Privacy & Security is of upmost importance to us

We have provisions in place to protect your privacy and adhere to the highest security standards:

  • We are committed to full transparency when it comes to collecting and using data
  • We make sure you’ve given us your informed consent before collecting any of your data from 3rd parties, such as hospitals and clinics
  • We de-identify and anonymize your data and adhere to PHIPA/HIPAA compliance before we use it in pooled data analysis
  • We use encryption software, two factor authentication and compliance with ISO 27000+ provision

Our team has all the expertise to safeguard your data. Our Privacy Advisor, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, is recognized as one of the world’s leading privacy experts and doctors Amiri and Coul, bring a wealth of experience from their efforts with the Brain-CODE project at the Ontario Brain Institute. (The two were awarded “Privacy by Design Ambassadors” by the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario).