New Advisor Brings Us Vital Emergency Medicine Insights

New Advisor Brings Us Vital Emergency Medicine Insights

There are few professions as challenging as that of an Emergency Room Physician. Knowing about a patient’s health data – often when the patient can’t speak – is a particular challenge for any medical team: what allergies might a patient have? What is their disease history? What emergency interventions will do no added harm yet still save a life? 

Dr. Marc Gelmen is an enthusiastic adopter of data and technology within medicine and works as Associate Medical Director, Department of Emergency Medicine with the Scarborough and Rouge Hospitals. He is a tireless health data advocate and spokesperson on what needs to happen to make Emergency Rooms function to their highest capacities possible.

At Dateva, we are equally aware of how important health data is to this process and are enthused to announce that Dr. Gelmen has joined our Advisory Board. 

Dr. Gelmen brings us great insights and will help massage our platform development and processes so we can better enable all doctors to work faster and with clearer insights. We share this common mission statement.

Glad to have you aboard Marc!

About the Author

Keith McDonald
Keith is Dateva's Public Engagement & Communications consultant - working with government, education, industry and the arts. He brings a cheeky & playful pop-culture-loving attitude to his life which includes an ongoing passion for Open Government and Open Data. Keith worked for 8 years with the City of Toronto, helping to bring the City's open data website & data catalogue on-line for public use.

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