Because of Dave … We’re Feeling Safer Already!

Because of Dave … We’re Feeling Safer Already!

Hot on the heels of Dr. Ann Cavoukian joining the Dateva Advisory Board, we welcome Dave Lewis – Cyber Security Advisor.

We’re very aware how Privacy and Security go hand in hand and it’s helpful that Dave and Dr. Cavoukian know each other – both having worked together as co-authors on an article. 

Dave is a regular speaker at conferences around the world and a writer for Forbes and Huff Post on the topics of Cyber Security. We hope he’ll be a frequent speaker on our DatevaTALKS Podcast and at Meetups. He’s our go-to person to address the issues of safeguarding Dateva’s data – one of the frequent topics of discussion with people and healthcare professionals.


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Keith McDonald
Keith is Dateva's Public Engagement & Communications consultant - working with government, education, industry and the arts. He brings a cheeky & playful pop-culture-loving attitude to his life which includes an ongoing passion for Open Government and Open Data. Keith worked for 8 years with the City of Toronto, helping to bring the City's open data website & data catalogue on-line for public use.

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