Virtual Introduction

Virtual Introduction

Dateva Inc. was born in February 2016 when Dateva co-founders, Marina and Shiva, got virtually introduced through a mutual acquaintance.

Keith McDonald, who is supporting Dateva communications, picks up the story:

I’ve known Marina for years. We had been casually talking about health and being able to know ahead of time what may be coming along to impact your wellness. She was talking directly about using predictive analytics and historical analysis so people and their doctors could work together to prevent disease. She had real passion here – more than I saw from her before in fact.

Fast forward to a few weeks after this conversation and I’m attending an event involving secondary students – known as the STEM Challenge. On one of the panels at the event, I hear Shiva speaking about predictive and precision medicine. Well, bing, bing bing! The bell rang in my head that she needed to meet up with Marina. The two just obviously were speaking about the same kind of thing but from different spectrums.

You could call this business matchmaking or perhaps a better term is entrepreneurial matchmaking. Whatever you want to call it, I was absolutely sure the two needed to connect and talk together. So, yes indeed, I provided a quick virtual introduction to them and the rest, as they say, is history. I am so glad they met and Dateva is the result.

About the Author

Keith McDonald
Keith is Dateva's Public Engagement & Communications consultant - working with government, education, industry and the arts. He brings a cheeky & playful pop-culture-loving attitude to his life which includes an ongoing passion for Open Government and Open Data. Keith worked for 8 years with the City of Toronto, helping to bring the City's open data website & data catalogue on-line for public use.

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