The “DATA donor” movement …

Donate your Health DATA and Save LIVES

Have you ever …

Check boxes with check marks: Donated blood? Donated money to charity? Filled out an organ donor card? Been a mentor? Participated in a health study?

If you can check off some or all of these boxes, then you need to know about the DATA donor movement.

Being a DATA donor is similar to being a blood donor – the difference being, the life you save might just be your own!

Illustration of hand giving a box of data with note saying: ''Give Data and Save Lives''
Family surrounded by circle of the many places where data is stored.

What is Health Data exactly?

Health data is not just your medical records, it’s also data produced by medical devices and health and fitness wearables, medical apps, smart home sensors, data about your lifestyle, your environment, your family history, your genes etc.

But I don’t have access to my medical records

Yes, you do!

Data collected by hospitals is yours. Even if you don’t have all the records you can go to the original sources and request them. It is your information and makes good sense to ask for it.

Canadians – learn about your rights as a patient to have a full access to your medical records.

International users – find out about your rights and hospital procedures in your country.

Learn how you can Donate Data &  Get Involved